Monday, September 30, 2013

John's Birthday 2009

It is rare to get a simple, unstudied picture of John.  I think that this one is very nice of him.  The fisherman's platter at Flo's clam shack on the east end of the beach in Newport. It is better than birthday cake, but then that was waiting for him at home too.
John likes gardens, but I think he chooses things to do because I like them too.  Unfortunately, we had no one to take a picture of both of us that day, and the pictures of me alone were horrible that day.  This is at Green Animals, the topiary garden a few miles north of Newport RI...One of our favorite destinations.
I am not so sure that Harry was prepared for this scalp job, this is the best of several photos of it.
Ok, so I guess if the picture is distant enough it is acceptable.  I have a fascination for Beech trees.

On the Lawn of Marble House in Newport.

John has an obsession with the Vanderbilts.  We have not been to Asheville NC...I guess that would be a good destination if we can make it.  However, he has read a number of books about them.  We have been to Marble House, The Breakers, Blenheim Palace, Consuelo V's post Duke of Marlboro divorce town of Eze  on the Cote D'Azure.  This is Consuelo's mother Alva's tea house at Marble House..."Votes for Women" was the main topic of conversation here.

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