Friday, September 13, 2013

John's Name is Added to the Thornton Family Stone

Before John died, he gave permission for a small amount of ash to be given to Sally Kelley, his sister.  It was good that it was already done before I got the urn, because the one time I opened it up, I nearly fainted dead away!

I sealed the ash into one of John's boxes, that he had collected in our travels.  Sally selected one that came from one of our favorite cities in Italy, Orvieto.  I bet John could not have guessed that it would be put to that use.  It always brings a few tears when I think of that.

We have been trying to get a chance to bury the container in the family plot.  Occasions came and went over the last 6 months, but she could not get the monument people to get John's name on the stone.  Finally, with potential freezing weather coming tomorrow night, the workman called and said that it was done.  We planned to go over together and bury the box.  Sally, who is having a few health challenges of her own, could not go, but Samantha Kelley and Tim Kelley went with me to get it done.  Harry, of course, was present, but was very upset when we asked him to inerrupt his busy schedule, watering the stones and plantings in the area, for the photo.

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