Saturday, September 14, 2013

Later in the Day

A lot of gum paste.  Janice used every cutter she had, I think.  We talked about this cake for days before we got the license...I think it held the whole wedding together..."we can't change now...Janice is already making the cake! "


 We recycled our rings.  We got these many years ago in Braintree as commitment rings.  John and I had identical rings till we got to the cash register.  Then he saw this ring on sale with twice the size diamonds and all yellow gold in the case below the register. 

I think John's ring still fits him relatively well, but mine is a bit snug.  It was a trial just to get it on during the ceremony. 

John, Harry and Bill 

 Harry was a little distracted.  My cousin Mildred arrived with her two little dogs and when Johnnie Cafarella saw that, his little poodle arrived too.  I must say that they were all very well behaved, but the idea of Harry being the ring bearer went out the window.


Mom's picture is right over Sally's shoulder.  John and I originally were going to wear white shirts, but there just wasn't a white shirt to be had on short notice.  Black is not ideal at a wedding, but they nearly matched.  Sally has been very enthusiastic through the entire process. 


 Tim Kelley is Sally's son, and John's nephew.  He was very pleasant to have around for the wedding.



Samantha is Sally's grand daughter.  What a nice kid she is.  She is still in her mid teens.  She seems very responsible and was always ready to help out with anything during the wedding.  I am so glad she was there. 

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