Friday, September 13, 2013

Hospice Through VNA

Again I have to plead insanity.  I do not have a picture of Eileen Jenkins.  Eileen was  John's first nurse in the Hospice program.  She was a contract nurse and eventually had to move on when her contract ran out.  She was hoping that she might move on to an administrative or management position, and I hope that that went well for her and her wishes have come true in that vein.  Losing Eileen was a real tragedy.  We had both become very attached to her and she was a wonderful person to work with.
Her replacement was Kjersten Evans.  She is a lovely young woman from Utah, just outside Salt Lake.  She is tall and pretty...this cannot be bad in her profession...and has fiery and curly red hair. She has not been the same as Eileen in style or personality, but certainly, we have become just as attached.  John always brightens(when he is awake) when she comes in.  That alone has to be worth her arrival.  Kind, gentle and efficient, she is a good nurse and has become a good friend.  Harry is always pleased to see her. 

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