Friday, September 13, 2013

Holding Each Other Up at the End of the Wake. May 17, 2014

Bill Mitchell and Mary Burrill...boy, did we feel old that day!

I did not take any pictures on the day of John's wake.  Not really the time for it.  Also, I was so tired, that it did not occur to me.  I started the preparations soon after getting home from work in the morning, and went right on till people left at about 4:30 PM.  Angie Peitler arrived just after noon to help assemble sandwiches, followed by Maureen Foote.  My sister had been working on the food as well, but was a little overwhelmed by all the activity after the last ten years of having no one around most of the time.  My cousin Janice Crossen showed up with her husband Ken.  They brought in cookies and lemon bread.  Janice sent Ken along to their son's game in Attleboro, and jumped right in to help with the food. 
Roland Hughes arrived soon after with home made wine, and then one by one the rest of the guests, many with sweets of course, arrived for the next hour or so.
The guests included:
Chana Bogstead
Mary Burrill
Anerio and Florence Cincotta
Jennie Defina
Richard and Doreen Defina
Dr. Kate Faulkner
Maureen Foote
Carol Guidi
Roland Hughes
Stephen and Samantha Kelley
George Mansour
Mahendra Patel
Ann Peitler
Ashley Sanden
Mildred and John Sinor
Stephanie Stone
Maria Taranto and her mother
Michael and Dara Thornton
Thomas and Leslie Thornton

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