Saturday, September 21, 2013

John and Charlie's Family

Charlie Guthrie was John's partner for many years.  He died tragically young of cancer.  John cared for Charlie throughout his illness.
Since I have known John, he has remained very close to Charlie's family, and they have been there for holidays in our home for all the years we have been together.

Bill, Danny and Margaret.  How tolerant Danny is!  In their new house in NH.

Elaine was Charlie's mother.   Margaret his sister and Danny Sweeney his brother-in-law.  Megan is Margaret and Danny's daughter.
The family lives in       , where Margaret works in the public schools.  Danny has retired, and Meghan is a cook in the Coast Guard.

Megan at our house for Easter..Sorry Megan, I have to find a nice clear one of you somewhere.  I think that is the time we did overcooked lamb and Moussaka with Tzadziki.
Why can't I find a good one of you Megan...send one of you, will you?
Inside Elaine's little house.
BBQ at Elaine's house.  Heavens, Danny, you look like you are about to serve a summons!

We tend to spend Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving together, often at our house, but sometimes in their new home in

Finally a picture of Megan that is clear.  Margaret, Megan and Danny Sweeney.  Megan is in the Coast guard and is employed there as a cook, and a good one too.

Harry, Bill and Elaine...Look up Harry!

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