Friday, September 13, 2013

John in Leopard Print

March 1, 2014
I am finding that there is no place in our living room without a window behind.  Backlit photos are difficult for me in my limited expertise. 
Here John has a visit from Mike Thornton's kids, Devon and Dara Thornton, John's brother, Tommy Thornton  and his brother, Mike Thornton.  John gave me the leopard print throw for Christmas, and it has come in very handy ever since.  John would not have had any way to shop if it had not been for Home Shopping Network.
Devin, on the far left sent me these four photos.  They are much better quality than mine, above, and I do not have many photos with John and I together that are half way decent.  On the other hand, I like John waving, in mine (top)...I guess I will decide later.

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