Wednesday, September 25, 2013


 A young Harry and two of his best friends

 Harry obeys me, but he loves John!  Who wouldn't with this kind of treatment?

 In front of the apartment we shared at Bay Colony in Provincetown.

OMG  Argyle?  Harry has a fairly large wardrobe of sweaters and Hawaiian shirts. 
He probably could if his feet reached the pedals. 

On the cool tiles of the shop in Provincetown.  Harry spent much time in the entrance to the shop, summer after summer.  He became a local personality, and people often brought him expensive treats.  He would take them very politely, then shove them under the display cases with his nose,
 to be found when the shop was closed years later.  What dog does not like treats? 
 Romana Rodinova was an employee and close friend from Brno in Czech Republic.  Harry's first "girlfriend".  It didn't last.

 When he got bored or fretful, the front window was a place to see all, but be out of the way.

 Ben and Jerry's was next door.  We ate remarkably little ice cream under the circumstances.  Pluto was a local SPCA type, and Harry had no idea what to do...or say.

 The detachable head did not help matters.

Only twice in a number of years did he go beyond the threshold without permission after his initial training.  The world came to him instead.

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