Friday, September 13, 2013

Chana Bostead and Kate Faulkner

Chana, on the left was John's social worker.  She helped us to navigate our way through the paperwork of Social Security and insurance, and was ready for long and cheerful conversations to help both of us cope with the realities of John's decline and passing.
Kate....Have I ever met a doctor with such a manner.  Her brief and all to few visits were like veiled sunshine...soft, gentle, nurturing.  Ready with truth, but softened by reassurances of the ease that John could expect in his passing. 
Never have I experienced such loving compassion from professionals.  I suppose that I could say that of everyone who touched John's last few months. 
Two unsung heroes were Sarah Paez and Joan Berlin.  Both in palliative care at Harvard Vanguard in Boston.  They were between them the first to give what John needed most.  Truth, softened by caring.
How will I ever thank all the people who were ready to help John with so much love.  

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