Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Night Before the Wedding

Janice made the cake and John was thrilled.  We decided that we needed a trial run at setting it up under the chandelier in the living room.  They are much too tall to be seen under the tulle in the chandelier.
Ken, Janice's husband, helped to bring the cake to us from across the state.
Ken, Janice and I stooping strangely under the tulle.
What a marvelous job Janice did on the flowers at the top of the cake.  I am now faced with how to preserve them.
Sally Kelley sent box after box of flowers.
the sequined cloth is from Rhodes, I think.
White Orchids and Irises from Sally Kelley.  My candlesticks range from 19th century England to 17th century France and Belgium.
We took the top off the cake to avoid tempting fate.  A couple of hours at the beginning of the party will be enough strain on the huge cake...14 inches at the base, and days of work for Janice.
 The sunflowers did not want to unfurl after their stay in the box.  Sent by Sally(Sarah) Kelley
 Raspberry roses also from Sally.
Peruvian Lilies from Sally Kelley.
Yellow roses also from Sally.  They came in a mixed bunch that included the red pink and white ones in a previous photo. The white cloth is an antique we bought on the island of Mykonos in Greece.
Two of the three Tians (just roasted veggies arranged in an orderly pattern) I made for the party...Mixed Italian vegetables in Olive oil and balsamic vinegar, roasted for about 45 minutes.
I also had sausage in the Aeolian style... fig, walnut and blue cheese spread,  Peanut chicken, mixed cheeses and vegetables.  John did a big fruit platter with a pink dipping sauce, meatballs in tomato sauce, sage meatballs in onion béchamel, sliced salami, pepperoni and capocolo (hot and sweet) chips and nuts, pickles etc..   I also made lobster salad, to be served on cucumber rounds, but I forgot to serve it till people were leaving.  We had Prosecco and fruit juice punch, that were really huge Bellinis to drink along with soda etc..

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