Friday, September 13, 2013

John and His New Bear.

We found John's new friend at the side of the road.  It had snowed on him and he was wet and cold.  Janice Crossen sent him to John, thinking that since we loved Guido so much, a new friend was in order.  I told Janice that he was so cold, that we gave him a cup of chamomile tea with a soft peppermint in it.  He feels much better now.  He is dry and warm next to the big tree that has had so many 80 degree nights when John was cold, that it is ready to burst into flames with no warning.

I have been waiting for a month now to find my battery charger.  It is hiding from me.  I am missing so many photo ops, that I decided to buy a new one.  I do not know if it is working properly, but I got enough of a charge to get five pictures out of it.  Now I cannot seem to get one of the tree without a soft haze around it...Is it me, or the camera...usually me.  After Thanksgiving with friends at Lake Pearl Luciano's, We got together at our house to trim the tree and have coffee and pie...Pies!

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