Friday, September 13, 2013

Joanne April 2, 2014

Joanne O'Connolly is a Hospice Volunteer.  She has been coming down from rather far away to help John, first with sorting his mountain of files and paperwork, and now, just to give him company and a friendly face. Lately, Joanne has been greeted with John in a rather sleepy state, hard to engage, but it is clear that he loves to have her visit, even if he can only get a few words out to her.  In general, John seems to wake up just when I am going to sleep, or just when Courtney is about to arrive(Courtney is his home health aide.)  She just has better timing than anyone else.
Still, Joanne keeps coming, very happy just to touch base with John.  We have been blessed with wonderful people to help John through this period.   Harry, of course loves everybody, and has been much less bored while John is laid up and I am busy. 

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