Friday, September 13, 2013

John Came Home

I think I took John's passing well.  I knew that it was best...this is what you say to yourself to make it alright.  The moment he was gone, I tore the hearing aid out of his ear and nearly threw it at my sister to toss it in the trash. My sister and I washed John's body, with Sally there to support us.  The nurse came to fill out the paperwork for the funeral home and left.  When the hearse arrived, all was well.  They wrapped John up, and placed him on a stretcher, and took him out the front door.  All really was OK, till the hearse started out the driveway, and I fell apart at the front door.  They were taking him away from the home that we shared together, away from me...away from Harry...I can mark that moment as the moment my heart broke.  Nothing could have prepared me for that moment, and there was no relief till he was back with us.  Our lives will never be the same of course, but I am so glad he is here with us.   

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