Saturday, September 14, 2013

Immediately after the Ceremonies Photos by Anerio Cincotta

Cathy Gregrow, Bill, John and Judy Wimer 



Bill, Anerio(Sonny or Fred) Cincotta and John.  Anerio is my grandmother's baby brother's kid.   

Anerio and Flo live in North Andover in a cute little condo.  Very much a jokester, Anerio is one of nicest people around.  

Bill, Anerio Cincotta, John and Florence(Flo) Cincotta.  Flo is such a pleasant and loving soul.  She is Anerio's second wife, and what can I say...all the best people marry into the family. 

 Well, what can I say.  They all look a little Italian, except for the guy on the right.


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