Saturday, September 14, 2013

Anerio Cincotta's Photos of the Cutting of the Cake

Praying that John did not plan to shove cake in my face.


 The groom's cake on the left was a recipe from my sister's mother-in-law Alberta Burrill.  It has no eggs, so it is perfect for Hindu dietary laws.

This cake is big and tough, and did not go quietly! 

Naming those with heads and without.  Angie Peitler from work at the far edge on left.  Megan Sweeney, Sandy Hutchison, Margaret Sweeney, Judy Wimer, Diane Burrill, kneeling, Doreen or some of Doreen and Richard DeFina and Mildred Sinor   I cannot tell who the partials are.

Megan Sweeney, Sandy Hutchison, Margaret Sweeney, Judy Wimer, Diane Burrill, kneeling, Danny Sweeney seated in back, Michael MacPherson, Diane's son, Richard DeFina, Mildred Sinor, Sally Kelley, (John's sister) and Peter Kinney, our former neighbor.

He didn't smoosh it. 

 The carnage as we served...Janice Crossen...I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful cake.


Not my best angle..if I have a best angle.

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