Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Newport Rhode Island. One of Our Favorite Destinations

On the Newport waterfront Spring of 2012
We go to Newport on any sunny day of the year.  It is always pretty along the Cliff Walk when Some storm has not washed half of it away.
A mid winter walk in 2009.
John loves the houses of the robber barons and palaces of Europe as well.  This is Doris Duke's house in Newport.
We were scouting out spots for a picnic later in the year.  2013 Spring
Harry is not a natural in the trees, but better than the two fat men with him.  Our picnic in Newport 2013.
 Marble house above and the Breakers below, our favorites and also Vanderbilt houses,
 so of special interest to John.
Harry was not fooled by the dog!

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